How do we define excellent software?

  • It solves your problem.

    Over and over in our former careers, we’ve seen software that is delivered exactly to specs, yet doesn’t really satisfy the customer.

    That’s why we will not expect an exact specification from you. Instead, we will want to understand your business, understand the problem you want to solve and help you to explore the best way to solve it.

    We will produce a basic but usable prototype quickly so that we can test our assumptions and learn from your feedback. From there we will continue this feedback loop until we arrive to a solution you’re happy with. We believe it is the only way to produce software that actually makes the user happy. Our experience in the field has put us firmly behind the principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto.

  • It is exactly as complex as it needs to be.

    We’re not married to any single programming language, framework or architecture. Instead, we believe in the power of choosing the right tool for the job. We won’t try to bend our favorite architecture or framework to fit your requirements. Instead, we will let your requirements drive the choice of architecture and technology for the project.

    This helps us build software which scales and adapts naturally with your business, instead of getting in its way. We believe in the principles of Domain Driven Design.

  • It is reliable, adaptable and maintainable.

    In our careers, we have seen a lot of software that is a nightmare to maintain or change. We have observed the characteristics of projects that are easy to work with, maintain and adapt to new requirements. We learned that they are rooted in principles that run orthogonal to any specific language or framework.

    We believe a good understanding and smart use of these principles to be one of our greatest assets. We’re passionate about the software craftsmanship movement as outlined by Bob Martin and others, and our developers share what they learn back to the community (link to blog posts).

    We value long-term partnership over one-time product delivery and we take pride in being able to adapt to new requirements quickly. We are passionate about developing clean, robust software not just because it makes these things possible, but also because it’s the only way we enjoy doing it!


Our main domain is developing modern web applications, but we're also no strangers to mobile app development, native desktop applications and scalable backend services. Take a peek at some of our more interesting projects bellow!


Mobile Application for ordering in restaurants.

Realtime system based on React, React Native, Web sockets, Node.js and Mongo DB

Farm feed order scheduling system connecting farms with feed distributors.

Using React, Node.js, Auth0

Browser based game.

Built with pure javascript and HTML5

What our customers are saying

Swift and pleasant communication, fast delivery. It was a pleasure working with you.
Patrik Reichl, regional director of CzechInvest
I really appreciated the fast and accomodating attitude when discussing innovations.
Tomáš Novosad, farm administrator

Core Team


Michal Bureš

Co-founder. Over 10 years of experience in full-stack software development and UX design.


Tomáš Gold

Co-Founder and Full-stack Developer. Over 7 years of experience in software development. Loves to spread his knowledge to the world.


Martina Goldová

Co-Founder and Frontend developer focused on perfect design. Over 3 years of experience with developing. Besides work, I like reading, horse riding and walking out with my dog.

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